East Coast Park

East Coast Park is one of the most valued want away destinations for both international and domestic tourists in Singapore. It provides an exciting and invigorating diversity of dining, recreational activities, and sporting. It goes without saying that the park contains a wide range of activities that can suit the needs of everyone. Meyer Mansion is just a few minutes away from East Coast Park and the real estate developer is Guocoland

East Coast Park Leisure Activities

The most interesting thing about East Coast Park is that it has the capacity to provide leisure and pleasure concurrently for your friends and families. For those interested in picnics can find fun under the Casuarinas, Ketapangs and the swaying coconut palms. You may also get joy at the holiday chalet that is present in the Park. Action-oriented guys can sort their myriad sporting exercises interests. The Park offers sporting activities like cycling, beach volleyball, various water sports, Xtreme SkatePark as well as cable skiing. As if that is not enough, the public restrooms in the Park are equipped with classy and elegant shower facilities that allow you to shower with pleasure when you feel to do so.

Restaurants and Cuisines at East Coast Park

Once you visit this place, ensure you save more energy especially in the evening. Here, you can engage in sumptuous cuisines at the restaurants or nearby hawker center or you can have a barbecue while getting a cool breeze from the sea. Note that the East Coast Park is approximately 185 hectares and contains a scenic coastline that covers over 15 km.This park usually attracts over 7 million tourists in a year.

Outdoor Sports at East Coast Park

There exist diverse activities that you can indulge when you visit this park. The things you can do here are not limited to the following.

1. Barbecuing
Here, we have about 80 BBQ pits where you can easily cook and eat your own food in the great outdoors. The park allows you to hold a barbecue.

2. Camping
Once you apply for a camping permit, you can easily set up a tent overnight or temporarily and camp at the park. We have designated areas that are meant for this(Areas G and D).

3. Inline Skating and cycling
The park allows you to rent for a bicycle or you can come with yours and cycle. You can also do skateboarding at the Xtreme Skatepark.

4. Getting fun at the Children’s playground
Children’s playground that is found at the Marine Cove has diverse play equipment that suits the interests of all children who visit the park.

5. Dining
The park provides a variety of dining options that range from restaurants, food center to cafes where people usually dine with friends and family members.

There exist other activities at the park such as fishing, photography, sandcastle building, and water sport. Visit East Coast Park and get an experience of its kind.

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